Amelie - ビューティフルライフ (May 30, 2018)

2nd full-length incoming.


01. Entrance
02. キセキ
03. ライアーゲームじゃ始まらない
04. ビューティフルライフ
05. 朝は来る
06. 愛と呼ぶ
07. step!
08. Discommunication
09. フェイク
10. クルテク

Two songs are taken from their last single (the PV ones):

Assuming a 3rd PV will drop in a month or so. Minorly optimistic for this, but the material from their 1st album was much better than the following releases.

Cover released. Just a matter of time until a PV drops.
I found Waldo!

Big Grin
I didn't. Sad

[edit] Better than expected, actually.


New PV.
This album I was kinda underwhelmed with initially, but fortunately its grown on me with subsequent listens. A bit darker and less fun than previous outings. A bit more jazz thrown in here and there - one song reminded me a bit of a Vivid Undress one.

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