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Female-fronted alternative/industrial metal act who's been around awhile. I can see fans of Head Phones President, older Exist Trace, etc enjoying them. Their 3rd album Romanesque is pretty all over the place and cranks the electronic element up a lot. Its actually pretty good, but a bit overlong for its own good.

Some random youtube clips:

God I feel dumb... I never liked the mastering/production on the reissue for their 1st 2 CDs (10x bassier than it needs to be), so I went out and landed used copies of the originals. Received one of them today... pretty much identical waveforms, DR rating, etc. Ooops. Oh well, I'll take the originals in separate jewel cases over a bargain-bin reissue in a 2CD package. I'll flip my copy of the reissue once I receive the other CD. Neither original copy were very expensive.
Uh-oh...multiple trigger points...”electronica”...”exist trace”...”all over the place”...and their shit is on iTunes. Damn. And it looks like the new Mary’s Blood is not on iTunes, so the “random purchase urge” is twitching.... Will probably pick one of these up.

Dreadful name though, just makes me think of a sandwich, which can’t have been the point, surely?
They seem to use occult themes and whatnot - like one album is called Wiccaholic Laugh

I personally found all 3 albums to be pretty decent. I'd normally prefer Romanesque, but its extremely long-winded. Vocals are in English, but she sounds ok. She reminds me a bit of Anza from Head Phones President (another wonderful bandname), except without the screams.
Bought "Grotesca". Pretty good, some interesting ideas and they don't sound like much else that I listen to, which is positive.

Meh to the English lyrics, but I can't really understand them unless I really concentrate so I don't really care. It's cool that the guitars are purely textural, as much as I love guitar wankery, it's refreshing *not* to hear that once in a while.

And they have a coherent English twitter account! Not that it gets updated much.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll end up snapping up the rest, but really *must* resist the temptation to binge-buy this time...

...and no, I didn't resist. Bought Romanesque too. Ramping up the electronica = a good thing for sure.
They've been over to Europe recently, I believe.

Romanesque took some time for me to get used to, mainly due to the ambient sprawl in the middle of the album. I tend to prefer the first and last parts of the album though. The limited edition (which I don't have) has a code for a few extra songs (digital download I think). That album doesn't need anymore songs Laugh

I'm curious to see what their upcoming MCD sounds like (I made a thread for it here).
oh I missed that (the new EP) - but I saw it on Amazon so I did the calendar entry already.

yeah, they went to Europe last year it seems. Oh well, none of the shows were that close to me. I'm sure I'll try and check them out in Japan at some point.

I'm enjoying Romanesque but yeah, probably could do with a bit of trimming.
truly the exist†trace force is strong in them, although by no means a clone. bhg70 , there's still some Dr Pepper left....drink...drink...
They're closer to Head Phones President, IMO. You probably should give them a whirl too (Disillusion is a pretty good album).

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