[Alternative Metal] RagDöllz
All-girl band. Not really sure how to describe them... maybe a gothic/melodeath/alternative metal hybrid. Fans of Galmet and Moth in Lilac may dig 'em. Vocalist can scream pretty good. They don't have much material out yet, a couple singles I think (only one readily available). I think they have new material in the works. They lost their drummer recently, I believe.



Only a few lives so far, but I'll add more as they become available.
Never been a fan of these "digest" type live clips. So hard to get a feel for the full song. Based on these clips, though, she seems to use clean vocals more than Miki from Galmet, which I would like. I'll have to see if I can find some full songs to see if my theory is correct.
And the sample for their 2 song single doesn't help matters either. She mixes vocal styles up (which actually makes the screaming more effective).

They have a new PV or something coming soon. Hopefully the full thing will be released.

Moth in Lilac is another one to check out if you like this sort of thing.
This style is hit and miss for me. I like Galmet a lot mainly because their music is so catchy and because Miki's growl is just fantastic. It always fits, beat-wise, and never feels like she's just slurring crap over the music haphazardly.

I liked Erebos, too, because Ruki's growl was also surprisingly effective.

I'll definitely keep my eyes open on this group. The clips show promise. Smile
Not sure where their single is still being sold or if its in print, but be warned its brickwalled to hell (much like everything on 413 tracks these days).

Oh, SA Music still has a copy:

Do they ship internationally? Or do I need a shopping service?

(Sorry, I could probably search for that on the forum...)
Yep, they ship internationally. Someone over there speaks English and they accept paypal.

They (along with Disk Heaven) are the only option for getting some things.
Awesome. Thanks.

New PV.
Meh. They need more work honestly. The vocals seem pretty good though.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.

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