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Japan has a rather vibrant (and rather popular) girl-band scene going on now. Unfortunately, a lot of these bands don't seem to last very long, releasing a single or two, then disbanding. Sometimes new bands will form form the ashes. This scene is for bands around 2005 to the present and is for J-Rock/hard rock, and if its pop, it should be rock-based. New/unknown metal bands are ok too, but if they get established (that is, get signed to a label and a full-length out), chances are they'll get their own thread. Bands should be independent or signed to a minor label.

Anyway, here's a few I like a lot:

Faux-live vid. Gotta hate those. This is one of their more hard rock songs. Unfortunately this song was never released publically on CD (maybe venue exclusive at best). They released 2 singles before disbanding after their talented guitarist Sena quit and went solo. Currently waiting for her to form a new band.

This band had something neat going, but sadly they only lasted two singles (I fortunately own the 2nd but never could find the first). I think their bassist is putting a new band together. I hope their vocalist joins a new band, she's pretty good.

めてぃびる。 (Metibill):
Gonna link a couple trailers (can't find any full songs):

Not even sure what to classify that band as - but I assure you they're weirder on CD than from those clips (they conveniently edit around the weird parts). I guess they're an experimental/noisy J-pop variant. Galmet's drummer is their support drummer, I believe. They're long overdue for a full-length or something.
(07-09-2016, 09:15 PM)Perdition Wrote:

This band had something neat going, but sadly they only lasted two singles (I fortunately own the 2nd but never could find the first). I think their bassist is putting a new band together. I hope their vocalist joins a new band, she's pretty good.

Seen them live twice, and I've got both the singles. Yeah, shame they called it quits.

You can kind of see me in front of Riku.
Any idea why they quit? Musical differences?

I've had so many bands I like break up this year, pretty frustrating. At least Midori (激情★めたりっちぇ) and Mi-Ya (A Drop of Joker) joined Lovebites, so their talents won't be wasted. Curious how well they'll function as a duo though.

Isn't Idyako (Galmet's former drummer) trying to get a band going too?
I think hina called it quits because their drummer wanted to stop. Idyako did support for the last of their live shows, but they never continued on past that. Yuzu is trying to get something going, don't know about Idyako.
I think Hina's previous drummer is in 凜 -rin- now.

With all these breakups, it would be nice to see a bunch of new bands form. At least Disqualia makes up for Destrose going tits up.

(I moved this from the J-rock catch all thread, because this one is more appropriate now) This band as a lot of promise. I think they're recording new material too. Bass is pretty dominant (almost intrusive) in this song.
Yeah, a thread like that could be opened up in the punk/extreme forum. If a few metal bands get in this thread, that's ok (esp. if they no longer exist or have a small amount of releases), but the intent is to cover a specific scene that's been running from the late 00s to the present (it overlaps genres).

Tengusakura is one of my favorites and sadly they went on indefinite hiatus back in 2011 or something. Vocalist went on to Albion and that band imploded too. They play an ethnic-flavored and fairly eccentric form of power metal. The sound quality could be better though:

I look forward to checking some of these bands out... I am not very familiar with it outside of a handful of groups, but I find the phenomenon pretty interesting, and a lot of the bands, be they rock/punk or synthpop groups, pretty good. Unfortunately, most examples that come to mind probably don't qualify for inclusion here.
Yeah, probably a bit old and different scene. Wasn't bad though.

I find most of these up-and-coming bands to be pretty decent too. Not sure how many are put together by a label or agency though, but if the music is good, it shouldn't matter. There seems to be a lot of girls graduating music schools and joining these bands.

This band I like a lot, but unfortunately their CDs are impossible to get. I tried getting their stuff via a shopping service from their website multiple times and no go. Nice rhythm section with some somewhat curveball songwriting.

FullMooN is another longstanding band in the girl-band scene over there (as old as Destrose and Aldious). I don't even know where to start with this band (you'll hear me saying this a lot). Their older stuff is anime-ish lolita-gothic pop/rock (maybe some pop-punk and other influences too). I can't really describe the atmosphere, maybe a 50s-ish feel to it. They don't really sound/feel like too many western goth bands I can think of. Their mood ranges from somewhat somber to over-the-top happy/manic. Anyway, they had a major lineup overhaul (new rhythm section and replaced their keyboardist with a 2nd guitarist). The 2 new songs on their last single I'd call gothic power metal with a slight technical flair (the 3rd song being a slightly heavier remake of an older song).
I could have done with more of this:


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