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(09-12-2019, 01:49 PM)gdscei Wrote: - Hotels have been booked months ago
- Stage stuff has been dealt with months ago
- Flights are only thing that took longer due to group booking stuff. Been taken care of recently actually.

Source: know the organizers

I can second that since Orion UK teased me when I mentioned what hotel I was staying at (this was also months ago) by saying the bands wouldn't be staying at that one. Tongue
Wasn't going to chime in here though since I don't know too much else and was thinking a more official voice could chime in, but what gdscei says is solid confirmation.
I also know they were a little stressed out when Sindy/Mayu left Lipstick and were scrambling to get details from the band for logistics since the event was only 6 months away at the time back in April.
OK apologies for the unnecessary alarm.

The hotel is now booked and Rie has now been informed the air tickets have now been purchased. But no word yet on stage items such as keyboard for Marie.
Okay, I don't get it. Is Maki Oyama guest for Saki? Or for Aldious?
She’s playing a 2-man show with Saki. Aldious are just doing Saki the favour of plugging her solo shows.

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