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One of the most popular J-metal bands at the moment and the band that popularized the girl metal scene. Their first 2 albums were in heavier/straight-forward direction. Their first vocalist Rami had to leave due to undisclosed health reasons. They enlisted vocalist Re:NO (which isn't exactly a popular decision, but she eventually improved), became more J-rock, and went in a more polished, melodic direction. I like both eras a lot, but for different reasons.

Aldious with Rami:

Aldious with Re:NO:

The original videos got deleted, so I replaced them.

Speaking of which, they're working on shooting a new PV as we speak.
I must admit that I liked them better when Rami was the singer. Re:No's voice just doesn't have the power for some of their earlier songs, and I think that's the main reason why the last 2 albums were mellower. I'd like them to get back to the harder rhythms of their first 2, but I don't see that happening.
Rami seems to have mellowed out (or matured) a bit too.

Granted, I think Re:NO has improved a lot over their last two albums. Aldious would've went in this direction anyway - most bands lighten with time because they don't have that youthful aggression/energy.

At least most of their last album was pretty fast - and they keep improving as musicians. The only thing I'm apprehensive of is them going more and more commercial sounding (their last album as their most polished/commercial outing).
I might be the only person here that likes the Re:NO albums more.
Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.
I like both eras relatively evenly, but the first 2 I like more as well. However, the Re:NO era has produced some of my favorite songs by them.

They seriously need to turn in to the female version of Versailles.
Does that include dressing up as vampires? Tongue Actually, doesn't one of their PVs have vampires in a nightclub or something?
Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.
Yeah, that's an omen! Personally Radiant A did have some heavier songs on it. It was actually a lot more metal than I was expecting.

My only nitpick now - besides Believe Myself - is all the songs are too short/compact. I hope the songs are opened up a bit for some extended solos and whatnot.

This won't be a shock to you, but I wish every band I listen to goes in a more prog/technical direction. Even pop ones. Laugh
I did up RYM list ranking their discography. I *may* write up more verbose descriptions, but getting a sentence out of me is an epic achievement.

They're working on a new PV and I'm dreading looking forward to it. I guess we see if they'll either stay power metal or go more commercial, cuz their last album had feet in both camps. I hope they don't go in a mallgoth direction.
They'll do neither and just do another wtf album. Tongue
Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.

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