2018 in J-Rock: Anticipated & Worthwhile Releases
A bit late for this, but anyway... This thread is for discussing/sharing upcoming J-Rock (and non-metal) releases you're looking forward to, and the ones you liked. Feel free to post PVs, link the relevant band/news thread, etc. Japanese bands only, obviously. There will probably be some redundancy between this and other threads, but I'll probably be more inclined to drop new PVs here, and provide a link to the relevant band thread (assuming one exists).

For albums, that Ling Tosite Sigure is holding up pretty well. Spira Spica and Ryokushaka are both quite good - despite neither album having much new material.

For MCDs, Yubisaki Nohaku, Split End, Mikkai to Miminari, and Chiriwaka are my favorites so far.

For upcoming releases, Ariel Makes Gloomy, Co Shu Nie, and Qaijff I'm looking forward to. I have that Oh No Darkness!! sitting at From Japan, and I'll be ordering the new Xeno via it as well. Want those two badly too.
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The upcoming 八十八ヶ所巡礼 album will easily be j-rock album of the year for me.
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